Please check local/state laws or municipal code in your area related to proper use and installation of this product.


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  1. Suction Cup Mounting Port
  2. Infrared Light Sensors - For enhanced night vision
  3. Speaker
  4. Lens
  5. SD Card Slot (Data storage card) - Will accept up to a 32GB SD Card
  6. Mini USB Charging Port (Cable included)
  7. Mic
  8. POWER/REC (Record) /OK
    • Turns camera power ON/OFF
    • START/STOP recording
    • Takes picture in Photo Mode
    • Starts playback while in Playback Mode
    • Selects option in MENU Mode
  10. MODE Press to select the mode: Video, Photo or Playback
  11. RESET Press to RESET camera to factory settings
  12. UP
    • Toggles MIC (microphone) ON/OFF
    • In MENU, press to scroll up
  13. DOWN
    • Toggles night vision ON/OFF
    • In MENU, press to scroll down
  14. 2.0” LCD Screen



  1. Carefully clean area on windshield with alcohol where you intend to mount dashcam.
  2. Press suction cup FIRMLY onto the windshield.
  3. Engage locking lever to secure suction cup in place. The suction cup can be moved freely by disengaging and re-engaging the locking lever.
  4. Slide dashcam mounting port onto suction cup mount. Once dashcam is positioned correctly, tighten thumbwheel nut to secure in place.



  1. Plug 12V power adapter into vehicle’s 12V power (cigarette lighter) port.
  2. Plug mini-USB end into dashcam’s port. The unit will automatically turn on and start recording (when a memory card is installed), Press OK button to stop recording.
  3. To manually power on the device, PRESS AND HOLD the Power button until the display activates.



The AUTO ON/OFF feature allows the camera to turn OFF and ON if connected to your vehicle’s 12V port.

NOTE: Some vehicle’s 12V ports provide power even after vehicle’s ignition is turned OFF. In this case you will have to manually turn the camera OFF by pressing the POWER button.



Select desired mode by pressing MODE button:

VIDEO MODE Allows you to record video.

PHOTO MODE Allows you to take images when you press the OK button.

AUDIO MODE Allows you to record audio clips when you press the OK button.

PLAYBACK Allows you to playback video files you have recorded with camera.

MENU SCREEN While in CAMERA MODE, PHOTO MODE, or PLAYBACK MODE, pressing the menu button will allow you to enter the settings of that mode. This will allow you to make custom changes to that mode. Pressing the MENU button twice quickly will allow you to change the settings of the camera.



VIDEO SIZE Change resolution of the camera.

TIME STAMP Toggle ON/OFF time stamp.

MOTION DETECT While powered ON, the camera will sense motion and automatically begin recording. You can disable this feature or change the sensitivity of the motion sensor.

VIDEO TIME / LOOP RECORDING The camera will take short video increments (1,3,5 or 10 minutes) and when storage is full, it will delete the oldest recorded file to make room for a new one. You can also disable this feature.

VOICE RECORD Turn ON/OFF audio recording while camera is recording video.



SIZE Adjust the file size of the images.



DELETE Delete a file

LOCK / UNLOCK Lock a file so the Loop recording feature will not delete it while recording. A locked file must be manually Unlocked before it will be deleted automatically once storage is full.

THUMBNAIL See thumbnails of your recorded videos.

VOLUME Raise or lower the volume level during playback.



FORMAT Select to format your storage card.
WARNING: Doing so will result in all files being deleted.

LANGUAGE Select preferred language.

AUTO OFF Adjust it to turn off after 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes of inactivity.

SYSTEM RESET Select to restore camera back to factory settings. If you experience abnormal function with your camera. Use the RESET button.

LIGHT FREQUENCY Adjust the light frequency between 50Hz or 60Hz.

DATE INPUT Adjust the date and time setting of your camera.

USB For charging the device only, not for data transmission.

VERSION Date of firmware installed on camera.